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All About The Molinillo

All About The Molinillo

Although hot drinks aren’t usually my thing during  the hot San Antonio summers, we can always make an exception for Mexican hot chocolate. Mexican hot Chocolate, or champurrado, is even better made with an authentic Molinillo, or frothing tool.


A thick layer of light fluffy froth is a great way to distinguich an authentic cup of Mexican hot chocolate from other chocolate drinks. Achieving that frothy top layer is essential to the sweet drink and can best be achieved by using an authentic whisking tool, the molinillo. Although a molinillo looks like something that would’ve been used for medieval torture, fear not its only purpose is to make deliciously frothy drinks. It has a long handle that starts to widen at one end. It has ring that stacks up at the bottom to form the base. The molinillo is placed between two palms and the larger end is placed inside the drink of choice. The drink is stirred by rubbing both palms together. The rings at the bottom of the molinillo combined with the quick rotation are what create the frothy and light delicacy that is champurrado.


While it would be fun to think that the molinillo got it’s start inside of a magic chocolate factory, that’s not the case. It is believed that the Spaniards invented the molinillo some time during the 1700’s in order to make their version of hot chocolate. They observed how the Aztecs would make their chocolate drink by pouring it from one pot to another and decided that the process was to laborious for them thus leading them to invent the molinillo. From there the process and recipe has been perfected over the years and everyone’s grandmother has a different twist regarding what ingredients they put into it.



Melissa Guerra has all the items available to make a great gift with the molinillo. If you have a birthday, housewarming, maybe even getting early Christmas shopping out of the way Melissa Guerra can help blow all other gifts out of the water. We have ornate wooden molinillos available in store as well as online. This pared with our La Popular chocolate beverage mix made in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon would make a great gift. And if you want to make it even better you can purchase a beautiful La Chamba clay chocolate pitcher to help serve the delicious hot chocolate made with an authentic molinillo. All of these products can be purchased online making the gift giving experience very convenient.


By Jaquelin Alvarez

  • Post author
    Melissa Guerra

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