• All About Tula Hats!
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All About Tula Hats!

All About Tula Hats!

All About Tula Hats!

Tula - now doesn’t that name just have a certain suave to it? The Tula Hat brand, created by Alice, is line of unique and stylish hats with purpose. It all started when Alice and her husband were living in Mexico in 1989, making weekly trips to the local market. Her purchase of a wide brimmed palm hat served as an inspiration for a project that would later on result in heaps of success. Soon she was able to consult the factories in Mexico and introduce her proposal. The factories continue to produce the line. These hats would not only help with protection from the sun, but would serve as awesome accessories to a well made outfit. Her mission is to continue to offer these hats that are inexpensive, easy to wear, shield the skin, and that look great when worn.

Tula Hats For Sale at Melissa Guerra!

Looking for these fashionable Tula hats? You’re in luck because Melissa Guerra offers a great selection of products from the Tula Hat line! One of my personal favorites is the Newport (Women’s) Hat. This beautiful, hand woven accessory offers a collaboration of traditional art along with contemporary design. Its great quality originates from the Purepecha Indians’ culture in Mexico.

We also offer the Explorer Black Band Hat (Unisex). This one definitely gives me the jungle fever vibe! These hats contain a natural palm fiber, which is grown in the warm coastal areas of Mexico. Aside from the trendy look it gives, Tula Hats are also environmental friendly and offer health benefits? Now who wouldn’t want that Tula-tastic combination! With all the dresses I bought for summer, I’m definitely going to invest in one of these Tula Hats, and you should too!

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Feel free to contact Melissa Guerra at 210-293-3983 or email us at For tips on how to size, be sure to check the Tula website out!

By Rhea Palicha | Photo Credit: Tula Hat website


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    Melissa Guerra

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