• Authentic Mexican Chiles & Spices
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Authentic Mexican Chiles & Spices

Authentic Mexican Chiles & Spices

A great addition to any meal is the perfect amount of flavoring. Melissa Guerra is home to an assortment of Authentic Mexican Chiles & Spices that add the best flavoring to any Mexican and Latin American dish. Go to to find more information on the great selection of these items available online and for selected recipes featuring a variety of different chiles & spices from Melissa Guerra herself.


Cooking Paella with the Right Seasoning


Melissa Guerra has a large selection of seasonings available that add a unique taste to your paella meal. The Chiquilin Paella Seasoning contains the right amount of Saffron and is a balanced mix of Mexican herbs, spices, and flavor. It’s the icing on the cake when it comes to cooking up a delicious paella meal. Also try the Chiquilin Pimenton Picante (Hot Paprika) that is an essential ingredient for making paella and adds a slightly sweet-smoky flavoring to your taste buds.
Be sure to check out Melissa Guerra’s recipe for making Campbell’s Skillet Paella at


The Many Uses of Authentic Mexican Chiles


Melissa Guerra’s Tamales Nortenos Recipe contains ingredients for a unique and bold-tasting meal. It is featured in Melissa Guerra’s own The Texas Provincial Kitchen Cookbook and includes peppers like Chile Guajillo, which adds a sweet, tea-like flavor to the meal; and Chile Ancho, which is actually a dried Poblano Chili that also adds a sweet and coffee-like flavoring.

Another meal that uses Chile Ancho is Melissa Guerra’s recipe for Caldo de Mariscos. This seafood soup is extremely delicious and bursting with flavor. With the right amount of cilantro, garlic, and of course, Chile Ancho, this recipe for Caldo de Mariscos is a definite must-have for any occasion. Be sure to check out Melissa’s blog on Ideas for Using Chile Ancho for a variety of meals that include Chile Ancho in their recipe.

For an easy-to-do and great-tasting salsa, follow Melissa’s recipe for making Salsa de Chile de Arbol, which includes a generous amount of Chile de Arbol for a salsa that is bursting with heat and flavor. This Mexican chili pepper is small in size yet adds a fruity and sharp flavoring to any meal. 

Check out for the variety of chiles & spices available online and for more information on these selected recipes.


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