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CIA Kitchenware & Cutlery at Melissa Guerra

CIA Kitchenware & Cutlery at Melissa Guerra

CIA Cookware provides strong and durable items for even the toughest of meals and are must-haves for those that love to cook. From kitchenware to cutlery, stop by Melissa Guerra and enjoy the large variety of CIA products to choose from. Remember to take advantage of our weekly Wednesday sale where all CIA Cookware is 20% off in store.


The CIA Mission

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in San Antonio is home to a variety of talented students that have a deep passion for cooking. The CIA offers professional classes in Latin Cuisines to introduce and further elevate these dishes as some of the finest in the world among other top cuisines. As neighbors to Melissa Guerra at the Pearl Brewery, many kitchenware and cutlery from the CIA Masters Collection is available for purchase in store and at and a portion of sales from this collection goes to the CIA Scholarship fund for students.


High Quality Cookware

CIA Cookware is ideal for professional chefs and for those that simply enjoy the art of cooking. From sauces and soups to desserts and delectable meals, the CIA Collection is a must-have for the kitchen. All cookware is designed with 7-ply construction and a pure copper center for better heating. The stainless steel surface is durable and easier to clean while still maintaining an air of elegance and beauty in its design. Be sure to stop by Melissa Guerra for our weekly Wednesday sale where all CIA products are 20% off.  

With an assortment of kitchenware and cutlery available from the CIA Cookware Collection, the following are just some of the many products we have for purchase at Melissa Guerra. Don’t forget to check out for more information on CIA Cookware available in store.


Must-Have Items

The CIA 2 ½ Qt. Saucepan with Cover is ideal for cooking with its deep interior, sturdy and efficient handle and comfortable lid for retaining moisture and flavor. Among the favorites of the Certified Master Chefs at The Culinary Institute of America, this saucepan is designed with controlled heating in mind and is a great tool for creating those delectable sauces.

Looking to cook a lighter meal? Try the CIA 10” Sauté which is great for cooking up smaller amounts of fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Its round design is ideal for stirring and turning food and its long handle provides for an easier pan-fried or sautéed meal. With a design that heats food evenly, this item is ideal for cooking up any delicious meal.

When slicing tougher-skinned vegetables, fruits and meats, the best tool to use is an efficient and durable knife. The CIA Hyde Park Serrated Utility Knife (24009) makes slicing so much easier and stress-free with its ergonomically advanced and dependable grip and serrated blade made from no-stain German steel and designed with a sharp edge for durability.


By Samantha Salazar


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