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Father’s Day Sales

Father’s Day Sales

Father’s Day weekend is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with free goodies from Melissa Guerra? Stop by today and get a free Melissa Guerra Shopping Bag with your purchase of 4 bottles of wine. For those who love to cook, now’s your chance to get a free Melissa Guerra Cookbook with purchase of $50+ in items. Check out our Facebook page and online website for more information on featured items for Father’s Day like our Pineda Covalin Neckties, Finck’s Cigars, and much more available in-store.

Buy 4 Bottles of Wine, Get A Free Melissa Guerra Shopping Bag

Our collection of wine is absolutely superb and makes for a great Father’s Day gift idea. The following are only some of the great choices we have for wine available at Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen Market:

The Cosecha Tardia White Wine originates in Argentina and is made from 100% Chardonnay, giving it a naturally sweet taste.

Diseño Torrontes has a unique refreshing blend of apricots and tropical fruit that gives it an unexpected yet exciting Argentinian taste.

If you enjoy a wine with a great aroma and delicious taste, then the Carmen Gran Reserva Sauvigon Blanc is an excellent choice. Originating in France, this drink includes a variety of aromas such as green apples, blackcurrant, and much more for a unique-tasting wine.

The Tolentino Pinot Grigio symbolizes desire and hard work, among other things, and comes to us from the little town of Tolentino in Italy. It holds an elegant taste with an inviting blend of yellow fruits.

Purchase $50+, Get A Free Melissa Guerra Cookbook

So many recipes to choose from, but which ones make for an excellent Father’s Day celebration? If you’re looking for delicious recipes from the Mexican border, than The Texas Provincial Kitchen Cookbook by Melissa Guerra is the way to go. Including 190 Mexican recipes from Melissa Guerra’s family kitchen, this cookbook includes recipes for dishes like Chile con Carne San Manuel, Tamales Nortenos, Pan de Polvo, and many more. Purchase $50+ on an assortment of items and receive your very own copy of Melissa Guerra’s cookbook for FREE!

Father’s Day Must-Have Items at Melissa Guerra

Finck Cigars is the nation’s oldest cigar company and home to a variety of brands of cigars, pipes, tobacco, etc. Enjoy Father’s Day weekend with only the finest of Finck Cigars available at Melissa Guerra. 

Our Pineda Covalin Neckties are also great Father’s Day gifts, as they are comfortable to wear and are available in an assortment of colors and Mexican-inspired themes. Stop by Melissa Guerra today and have fun shopping for our newest collection of Pineda Covalin Neckties for all of the father figures in your life.

Other great Father’s Day gifts include our collection of Men’s Ranchero Huarache Sandals that are designed from leather and provide a customized fit with an EVA midsole; and the Bone Appetit T-shirt with a unique design printed on a heavy black cotton shirt that is pre-shrunken for better comfort.

Start Shopping for Father’s Day

Be sure to check our Facebook Page and for more information on featured items for Father’s Day and start shopping today for an assortment of great gift ideas. Remember to purchase 4 bottles of wine and get a free Melissa Guerra Shopping Bag, and/or purchase $50+ in items to receive a free Melissa Guerra Cookbook as part of our Father’s Day Promotions.


By Samantha Salazar


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