• How to Select Papel Picado Mexican Fiesta Banners
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How to Select Papel Picado Mexican Fiesta Banners

How to Select Papel Picado Mexican Fiesta Banners

How to Select Papel Picado Mexican Fiesta Banners


Knowing what type of papel picado to select for your event can be a bit confusing, so here are some things to think about before you order.

  • Is your event outdoors?- Even though tissue-paper papel picado is more traditional, and wafts very delicately in the breeze, it is incredibly fragile. If you expect a rain shower, or more than a whisper of a breeze, you may want to strategically place your papel picado under a roof, on a porch, or inside a building. For outdoor events, we recommend plastic papel picado.
  • Is your event indoors? – If you are decorating a parish hall, ballroom, or dining room, we recommend traditional paper papel picado. The effect is quite charming when the banners are strung across a room, leaving a 4ft interval between each strand of banners.

Paper papel picado banners are single use, and can rarely be re-used as they are so delicate and tear easily. For that same reason, it is not recommended that the paper papel picado banners be hung too far in advance of the event, as wind and movement will damage them.

Plastic papel picado is more resilient and can sometimes be re-used for another event. From a distance, plastic papel picado does not look too “plastic-y” and can be installed a day or two before an outdoor event.

Because of their wispy airiness and pastel colors, some customers feel that the paper papel picado banners are more aesthetically pleasing. It’s true that the plastic sheeting used for papel picado comes in a limited range of bold colors, and is not as translucent as paper papel picado, however when draped across a blue summer sky, plastic papel picado is an instant crowd pleaser!

No matter if you choose paper or plastic papel picado Mexican banners, both versions definitely bring the feeling of “fiesta” to you event!

  • Post author
    Melissa Guerra

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