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Leaders in Leather Purses

Leaders in Leather Purses

Leaders in Leather handbags beautifully combine functionality with aesthetic appeal when it comes to their leather totes and you can get them now at Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen Market!


These amazing Leaders in Leather handbags can cater to all shops and all preferences. With sizes starting from shoulder bags to multi-compartment bags these totes are perfect for the on the go businesswoman or the stay at home mom who likes a little fashion in her diaper bags. The wide variety doesn’t just extend to sizes but also to the unique designs and colors chosen for each purse. We have purses that start with a cool cerulean blue or fiesta lime green base. The patterns resemble rustic flower patterns that stand out against the beautiful vegetable tanned hide. That’s right! Not only are Leaders in Leather Handbags the perfect accessories for any outfit they are also healthy (in a sense). The cowhide is colored with all natural vegetable hide by using tanning techniques. They are also each hand stitched with the beautiful designs that make them so unique. The bags available at Melissa Guerra are the scroll cutouts and are also available online.


Now the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into every bag might have you thinking they are from a fancy designer from across the world but guess again. The handbags are actually closer to home than you’d think. Ricardo Zuniga founded Leaders in Leather in our very own capitol of Austin, Texas. Originally from Chile, Zuniga found a creative way to mesh together western designs, Paraguayan techniques, and South American leather to create these gorgeous totes.  Online at Melissa Guerra you will find the teal tote and teal triple compartment purse but the store has a larger selection to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

  • Post author
    Melissa Guerra

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