• Looking for Avocado Oil? It’s Here!
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Looking for Avocado Oil? It’s Here!

Looking for Avocado Oil? It’s Here!

If you want to discover a new way of cooking, then check out our collection of Don Ruben Avocado Oils that are great for meals and healthier for your body.

A Healthier Alternative

Made from the cultivation of premium Hass avocados in Michoacan, Mexico, Don Ruben Avocado Oil provides a rich and refreshing taste while also contributing to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you enjoy our selection of Natural, Garlic, or Chipotle Avocado Oil, you can guarantee that you are using a 100% pure, extra-virgin, and all-natural product. All Don Ruben Avocado Oils are also packed with vitamins, healthier Omega acids, are cholesterol free, and have zero grams of trans fat.

Great for Cooking

When it comes to preparing a delicious meal, it can be difficult to determine which cooking oil works best. Avocado Oil is a great alternative to use seeing as it provides a variety of benefits that you won’t find in others like canola or peanut oil, to name a few.

Its Many Uses

Don Ruben Avocado Oil is an excellent choice when preparing meals on a stove or oven and can even be used as a delicious seasoning for salads. When you’re looking for healthy and delicious in one, avocado oil is the way to go!

What many people might not know about avocado oil is that is works as a great facial moisturizer, as well. It has been found to hydrate and soften the skin and help with facial rejuvenation. Your wallet will surely thank you for switching to avocado oil considering that it has actually been proven to work more efficiently than over-the-counter moisturizers.

Whether used for cooking or as a facial cream, you can guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth and reaping the benefits of choosing a healthier lifestyle.


By Samantha Salazar


  • Post author
    Melissa Guerra

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