• Melissa Guerra's New Years Resolutions
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    Melissa Guerra

Melissa Guerra's New Years Resolutions

Melissa Guerra's New Years Resolutions

By now, the brilliance of your shiny new resolution for 2016 may be fading. At the first of the year, I was too busy to be formulating my plan for self-betterment in the New Year. I had a house load of kids, meals, birthdays, funerals, and general chaos that I was swimming through. Now, on the other side, I am ready to commit to some good stuff.

So here is my list for 2016:

Weight management – Being model skinny has definitely been checked off of my list, but keeping myself well – fed while maintaining my ability to fit into a single airplane seat without the extension seat belt seems to be a reasonable goal. I got this.

Worry Less – If fretting were an Olympic sport, I would sweep the competition.  It seems I always have tomorrow and yesterday on my mind, when today is pretty darn good. Having faith that all will be well is not my usual habit, so I have some work to do in this arena. Performing 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day also helps wear out all that extra anxiety. And prayer. More prayer in 2016.

Write more – My college roomie is hunkered down in a cabin in New Hampshire, writing her first novel. She hasn’t seen anyone in 3 days, as of this morning. I am going to stay in closer touch with her (as our relationship has always be predicated on how much we can annoy the other one during serious endeavors.) while I write my own prose here at the dining room table in Texas. She inspires me. And, I need a new camera. If you noticed that my writing stopped for a while, FYI my camera busted during high retail season at the store. Looking at a nice, new used camera body today. And, I started sketching out a baking book this morning. 

This year promises so much, and I am ready to accept whatever is sent my way.

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    Melissa Guerra

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