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Mexican Cooking Gift Sets

Mexican Cooking Gift Sets

Latin American Kitchen Gift Sets

Ah, the art of gift giving. As simple as it sounds, this concept comes with plenty of complexities: What to buy? Where to buy it from? How much should I spend? Will they like it? Too many questions! The easiest solution: A classic cooking gift set from Melissa Guerra.

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with one of Melissa Guerra's Latin American kitchen gift sets! With a variety of authentic Mexican kitchen must-haves, your loved one/friend/relative is bound to love it! We offer a wide variety of Latin cooking sets, which make excellent gifts! And did I mention nobody else sells these types of sets except for us? You’re most definitely in luck!


Corn Tortilla Gift Set


Let’s begin with our Corn Tortilla Set. For people who share an interest for Mexican kitchenware and cooking, this authentic set is perfect! It comes with a 6.5in Cast Iron Tortilla Press, Maseca Instant Corn Masa Flour, and a Classic Woven Tortilla Basket. They are ideal for bridal showers and house warming gifts! Here’s a brief 101 on each of the products offered in this set:

  • Cast Iron Tortilla Press: This is great for making traditional size tortillas, tacos, tostadas, gorditas, and even empanadas! Sounds delicious doesn’t it?
  • Maseca Instant Corn Masa Flour: Excellent for making fresh corn tortillas in your very own home! 
  • Classic Woven Tortilla Basket: Can also be used for bread storage, sewing kit items, potpourri, and even a candy basket!

Flour Tortilla Gift Set


This classic set is for anyone who has ever considered making homemade flour tortillas or is ready to try! This includes the:

  • White Wings Flour Tortilla Mix: Just add water, roll it out, and cook it on top of the griddle and voila! Homemade tortillas!
  • Wooden Palote: This traditional rolling pin makes nice, round, thin, and light tortillas.
  • Lodge Logic Round Griddle:  The low and graduated edge makes it amazing for not only making tortillas, but also pancakes and grilled cheese, Yum!


Tamale Kit


Getting authentic, fresh Mexican ingredients is always a tough challenge when making homemade tamales, but this particular Tamale Cooking Set definitely makes it easier! This gift set includes the Tamale Steamer, and ingredients such as Chile Ancho, Chile Pasilla, Maseca, and Dried Corn Shucks.


Classic Mexican Kitchen Gift Set


Last but not least, we offer the Classic Mexican Kitchen Set, which provides a few of our most famous Latin American ingredients and kitchenware! This includes the Cast Iron Comal, Cast Iron Tortilla Press, and the Authentic Molcajete, which is great for grinding spices and making some delicious salsa!


Contact Melissa Guerra


As always, please feel free to call the store for any questions or email us at Also, be sure to visit our Facebook page for more updates and information!


By Rhea Palicha



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    Melissa Guerra

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