• Miguel & Valentino Picos de Pan
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Miguel & Valentino Picos de Pan

Miguel & Valentino Picos de Pan

Looking for a fun new way to serve dips? Melissa Guerra is now offering picos de pan! These authentic picos de pan crunchy new way to dive into a salsa bowl or perhaps a spinach dip.


Picos de pan are kind of a confusing concept. They look as though a mad scientist finally created a shrinking machine and shrunk a bunch of baguettes. Picos de Pan are crunchy little breadsticks whose main ingredients don’t stray very far from that of regular bread. Basic ingredients for these curious treats include white flour, olive oil, salt, yeast, and water. Once baked these tiny breadsticks are usually no larger than your pinky finger. They are baked to remove all moisture making them very crunchy but also great for being stored over long periods of time when stored in a dry place of course. The Miguel & Valentino picos de pan are among the many high quality Spanish products that the distributor has to offer.


While these small snacks may resemble the cheese and cracker snack packs that you used to eat as a child, they are far from a simple snack. Picos de pan have an intricate origin from the country of Spain.  They fall under the category of colines, a Spanish term for breadsticks. They are thought to have originated from Andalusian cuisine in the late 14th century although stories often vary.  One version of the story tells that picos de pan were first created on a peninsula in southwest Spain in the port city of Cadiz. The story goes that bakers in this city began making picos de pan simply because they didn’t want to waste left over dough.  So the bakers would create small rolls that were baked for longer periods of time than regular bread creating the crunchy texture. It was customary to give these small rolls to the children as snacks. Of course the picos de pan have come a long way since then and are now seen as a food used often for upscale dining in Spain.



While their early beginnings might have been intended as a play food for children, picos de oan can serve a much tastier purpose than that. Customarily picos de pan accompany an assortment of different tapas, a variety of snacks and appetizers well known in Spanish culture.  It can make a great addition to your charcuterie board or replace the plain old chips for your dip. However you decide to serve these crunchy breadsticks you can be sure that picos de pan will be a delicious addition.


By Jaquelin Alvarez

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    Melissa Guerra

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