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New Recipes from Melissa Guerra

New Recipes from Melissa Guerra

If you enjoy Latin American cuisine, be sure to check out these delicious recipes courtesy of Melissa Guerra.

The following are just some of the many goodies made by Melissa Guerra featured on the Latin Kitchen website at If you have a taste for sweets and treats from south of the border, then you will certainly enjoy these recipes.


Flan de Rosas (Rosewater Flavored Caramel Custard)

Flan is certainly a delicious treat on its own, but Melissa Guerra adds her own unique touch to this dessert in her recipe for making Flan de Rosas. This flan is accentuated with a rosy aroma and includes creamy vanilla and toasted caramel for an interesting and great-tasting food experience. Flan de Rosas is great served as a dessert or for a special occasion and will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth.


Alcapurrias Tradicionales

Exactly what are Alcapurrias? Well, that’s a good question. Alcapurrias, or stuffed fritters, originate from Puerto Rico and are made from taro root and green plantains (a food which resembles a green banana). The middle is filled with a ground meat filling and makes for a great appetizer or snack. Melissa’s recipe for making authentic Alcapurrias Tradicionales (Traditional Puerto Rican Stuffed Fritters) will introduce you to this delicious treat and have you wanting more.


Leche Frita (Fried Milk)

Known as something simple yet delicious, Leche Frita is a classic among Spanish sweets. With a smooth and creamy filling and a breaded outer layer fried just right, you have yourself a little slice of heaven in your mouth. If you want to experience a sweet treat from south of the border, Melissa Guerra’s recipe for Leche Frita is definitely the way to go!

For more information on recipes submitted by Melissa Guerra, you can go to where you will be able to view photos of the treats, as well as the list of ingredients and easy-to-follow directions.


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