• Spanish Olive Plates on Sale Now
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Spanish Olive Plates on Sale Now

Spanish Olive Plates on Sale Now

Inspired by our friends at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard, all of our all of our Spanish Olive Plate designs will be 25% off until August 1st and all other hand painted Spanish ceramics will be 20% off!


Over 16 years ago Sandy Winokur planted the very first Olive tree that would eventually blossom into what is now one of the first successful Olive Orchards in Texas. The 267 acre ranch is home to more than 11,000 olive trees each aiding in the orchard’s success. Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard is proud of their product in every sense, from olive related products such as cooking oils, to  handcrafted soaps, spa and skin care products, to the olives themselves.


It’s no wonder the beautiful Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard served as our muse for our Spanish ceramics sale. In particular our Spanish olive plate design ceramics were hand crafted with tedious painting design. The microwaveable safe and lead free ceramics will bring a warm touch of Spaniard orchards to your table setting.  Our Tomas Olive designs are one of our most vibrant and are sure to make your summer parties pop. With a fiery red base background the Tomas design is sure to catch your eye. Accompanied with a lovely trim of intertwined blue and yellow pattern these ceramics will bring life to your kitchen. Whether its garlic jars, mugs, pitchers or plates our Tomas design can cater to your kitchen needs.

For those who prefer a more toned down refined and earthy color palate, we offer our Olivas Nuevas design. Lead free and super chic, this tableware can be sure to look good on any table. With a beige background and green trim, the earthy tones combine to form a beautiful ceramic set. The beautifully intricate olive designs and polished exterior might be just what you needed to take your next brunch party to the next level. The Olivas Nuevas design also carries everything from bowls for mom’s homemade caldo to pitchers for a refreshing horchata.

But wait there’s more!

For those big and bright personalities, we haven’t forgotten you. Melissa Guerra has just the right kitchen ware for you. The Big Olives Spanish Ceramic design is definitely a head turner. The big and bold hand painted olives almost jump off of the bright golden yellow background. With a little more variety in this collection it could make the perfect combo gift set. This collection contains a variety of different dish shapes and sizes including the perfect party snack tray with dividers and a dip bowl for all of your favorite finger foods. Not to mention the awesome mix-and-match-ability between these three design sets you’re sure to have olive the coolest tableware around and for 25% off!


To all of my other fellow How I Met Your Mother fans, we know that not everyone is a fan of olives. So for our customers who love all of the other handmade ceramics, we come bearing even more cool deals. Any other hand painted Spanish ceramics are also going to be 20% off! So stop in and give your kitchen a beautiful Spanish makeover from Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen Market.


By Jaqulin Alvarez

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    Melissa Guerra

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