• The Markets of Spain
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The Markets of Spain

The Markets of Spain

My husband is an excellent photographer. Many of you know that he is a painter by trade (not houses, but fine art) so he has a great eye for composition. I have learned a lot from him. I have also learned that having a fancy camera helps tremendously as well. His camera must have a magical elf inside, as it just takes the best pictures I have ever seen. Far be it from me, the loving wife, to give all the credit to the husband. It has to be the camera. Or the elf.

He knew I was blogging about our Spain trip, so he set out to take pictures in markets. He knows I love open air scenes of food, so he captured as many images as possible. This blog post is an album of his market scenes.

Why do I love markets? I like markets because they have limited inventory, and they have to sell it fast. And, to add the element of danger to grocery shopping, there are no electric refrigerators or freezers.  Fresh, fresh, fresh, so much more flavor.

Honestly, I have come to the conclusion that refrigeration removes a lot of flavor from food. Yes, food safety, I hear you thinking already. But how did we ever survive without refrigeration? Think about it, commercial refrigeration has only been around for about 50 years. Occasionally I will talk to someone that keeps everything in the fridge or freezer, all of their fruit, vegetables, down to the honey and flour. Yes, refrigeration keeps bugs out, but my theory is that if the food lasts longer,  it ends up getting stored longer. That can't be good for flavor. Or nutrients.

I've said it before, if you see food buying as a value (money) proposition (as opposed to an opportunity for delicious or nutritious) you will never be a good cook, nor enjoy a good meal in you home.

A little trivia: Did you know apples can be kept in a refrigerator for 7-9 months, oranges even longer. Many produce brokers store the apples long term in cold rooms until the market price is right, then release them to the super markets. It's a business, and sure, the brokers need a return on their investment. Personally, I prefer good flavor over cheap produce.

U.S. homes have the largest refrigerators and freezers on planet Earth. Have you seen the fridges in Europe? Dinky!  Europeans shop more often, at small local markets, and bring home a little at a time. Ah, gargantuan air conditioned super markets, just how super are you?
Farmers markets are popping up all over the US, and I think this is wonderful. The open air market is slowly returning to our great nation. Now that's progress!

Thanks, hubby, for all of these lovely pics. (FYI - Actually,  I did take about twenty of these pics, but as I unkindly attributed my husband's talent to an imaginary elf, my self imposed penance is take no credit for this montage...)


  • Post author
    Melissa Guerra

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