• The Natural Taste of Taza Chocolate
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The Natural Taste of Taza Chocolate

The Natural Taste of Taza Chocolate

The Taza Chocolate Brand

This stone ground chocolate originating in Oaxaca, Mexico is organic and provides a tasty treat made from high quality ingredients. With its creation process organized through sustainability and a safer environment, Taza Chocolate is good for all and seeks to improve the lives of those that put love and effort into its creation as well as those who enjoy eating it.  The Taza Chocolate Factory - located in Somerville, Massachusetts - is crafted through the efforts of direct trade with farmers, providing fairness and quality in every product.

Deliciousness in Every Bite

With its process making rooted in using authentic Mexican tools and ingredients, the finished product involves quality cacao with an organic, rustic, and bold taste that will leave you wanting more. Including contributions to a healthy lifestyle, the Taza Chocolate Brand is enjoyable for all and provides for a healthier option. A delicious treat for people of all ages, it retains its natural and organic taste that is the perfect ingredient for a variety of products, such as Melissa Guerra’s homemade Whole Wheat Taza Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Mexican Hot Chocolate that accentuate the real, authentic taste (as opposed to artificial flavors) found in Taza Chocolate.

Taza Chocolate Items for Sale

In addition to the delicious treats crafted by Melissa Guerra herself, there are also a variety of different products for purchase at the Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen Market, as well. For instance, Taza Chocolate is available to buy and is crafted using authentic Mexican tools that retain its natural, organic flavor for better taste. The Taza Chocolate 70% Dark Organic Semi Sweet Baking Squares are also a great treat that add a unique taste to all of your baking needs as they come already served in perfect portions. These items provide a great way to serve delicious treats using a brand that is high quality, a healthier alternative, and is a mixture of a Mexican delicacy and an American favorite.


By Samantha Salazar | Photo Credit: Taza Chocolate Facebook


  • Post author
    Melissa Guerra

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