• The World’s Saddest Dog: 23 Hours of Sleep
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    Melissa Guerra

The World’s Saddest Dog: 23 Hours of Sleep

The World’s Saddest Dog: 23 Hours of Sleep

Butters has slept all day. I had a raging cold, so I was in bed too. Lorenzo gave Butters her meds, but the dog wasn’t up to moving at all.  I keep checking her though, to make sure she is still alive.

Unfriendly Neighbors

In the late afternoon, I decided to take Butters for a short walk to the pond in front of our house. Our horses hate dogs (I think our Jack Russell had taunted them waay too much) so they started trotting rather aggressively towards us. I kept trying to shoo them away, but they were determined to “welcome” our new pooch, which I am assuming involved a swift kick from their hind legs. I decided to walk back up the hill to the house, as Butters really didn’t need any more traumas.


It is becoming obvious that Butters hasn’t spent a lot of time walking in her lifetime. Her feet seem to be very tender and her muscles are very weak for a dog in the prime of her adulthood. She tires easily, and has no curiosity.  For that reason, we removed her tie down. She doesn’t have enough ambition or energy to go anywhere. I am beginning to think those are cigarette burns on her face.

And it’s as if she doesn’t understand what petting is all about. She seems to like us, but does not come when called, and does not cozy up to anyone for a head scratch. Her tail is wagging more, but she is too exhausted for much interaction with us. I did catch her watching the sunset tonight, but she fell back asleep in the grass before I could get a pic.

Exhausted in the Grass

  • Post author
    Melissa Guerra

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