• The World's Saddest Dog: A New Dog
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The World's Saddest Dog: A New Dog

The World's Saddest Dog: A New Dog

The Big Surprise

The big surprise came today when I got home. Butters was wandering around by the cattle guard, about 200 yards from our house. She escaped! I was glad to see some gumption in this girl, finally.

Happy but Rude

I opened the door to the truck, and immediately she wanted to hop in the cabin with me. I decided it was better for me to get out of the truck to greet her, and she stretched all the way up, paws on my shoulders, with energy and enthusiasm (but clearly Butters has not been taught any doggy manners, but we will work on that as we go along…)

Well, let’s see where this goes, I thought. I opened the tailgate to the truck, and up she jumped, like a real ranch dog. She was ready to go! I closed the tailgate, and drove very slowly down the driveway, back to the house. I lowered the tailgate, and she hopped out, ready for another mini adventure. After about 30 seconds of tail wagging, she flopped down for a rest.

Happiness in her Forever Home

Butters was meant to live in the country, to bark at raccoons, and roll in mud. This is what she remembers from her past life, it seems. I am trying to piece together what she can’t tell me by studying her cuts, burns and abrasions, but maybe those things are best left forgotten, and allowed to blow away with the Spring breeze. Knowing everything is over rated.

We sat on the porch tonight, listening to the turkeys gobble at the Border Patrol plane flying overhead. The moon was bright, and the air damp and clean from the recent rain. Butters had her dinner, her meds and some leftover home made chicken noodle soup. She is now curled up on her blanket, sleeping under the roof of her forever home.

I am glad I found this dog.

Check out Butters' video here:

I'm a Ranch Dog!


  • Post author
    Melissa Guerra

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