• The World’s Saddest Dog: Well, Alright
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The World’s Saddest Dog: Well, Alright

The World’s Saddest Dog: Well, Alright

Turkeys Among Us

Living on a ranch has its romantic aspects: Turkey crap is not one of them. We have a wild flock of turkey that like to browse for bugs in our front yard, and occasionally, they will meander across our tile porch, peeking in the windows, like a bizarre, bald and wrinkly group of shoppers. Sorry birds, nothing in here for you but my oven.

Tense piles of turkey dung were painted across my porch, with boot tracks having dispersed one of the large, darker piles in even steps across the entire length of the terrace. Hanging out with Butters on the porch wasn’t too pleasant in this mess, so I got to it with the water hose this morning and cleaned everything off.

Stop the Flea Spray Please!

Kiko gave Butters another flea spray. She had slept pretty soundly last night, and got up while Lorenzo was getting ready for school. She was wagging her tail more, and was friendlier. Once she was sprayed though, her mood changed. She seemed to be pouting, and started pacing the yard, away from us.

To make it up to her, I gave her a rather disgusting pork trachea chew toy that I had purchased at Petco.  She was not impressed, and turned up her nose. She sat on the porch for a bit, ignoring the toy.


Along came our cat Lemon, attracted by the unwanted smelly pork bit. Thinking the pouting dog wouldn’t notice, Lemon moved in to gently remove the pork piece from Butter’s personal space. “WOOF!” Butters snapped, grabbed the pork trachea, and ambled out into the yard to enjoy what was rightfully hers. Well alright, Butters! A little personality appears…

The rest of the day was spent sleeping in the sun on the warm limestone pavement. She got a few treats (chicken liver, chicken fat…really, at this stage, what could it hurt?)

Looking Better

  • Post author
    Melissa Guerra

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