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Tinta de Sepia

Tinta de Sepia

Cuttlefish ink may be just what you’re looking for in order to dress up some boring old pasta or perhaps add a healthy new food to your lifestyle. Come in to Melissa Guerra and take a look at our Conservas de Cambados Tinta de Calamar.


You may be wondering how it’s possible or even safe to eat ink from a jellyfish or cuttlefish. Although cephalopods use ink as defense mechanisms against predators it is completely safe to consume. The ink simply confuses it’s predators because when it is released it creates a dark brown cloud around the fish, but fear not because it isn’t poisonous. There are many types of cephalopods that contain the edible ink but cuttlefish ink is known to be one of the more pleasant tasting. The ink is an ingredient that definitely shines through in a dish and it can be overpowering if added to food incorrectly. Cuttlefish ink has been described to have a very distinct taste. Purveyors of ink have said that although the ink is briny and has a taste of the saltwater that fills the ocean it is not at all fishy, as one would expect. Instead it adds a sweet and fresh taste of the sea to the dishes you incorporate it in with. A dish that is popular for pairing well with cuttlefish ink is risotto. Risotto is a creamy rice dish made popular in northern Italy and it definitely takes on a completely different look and taste when the ink is added. The ink is also very popular in authentic pasta dishes from Italy.


Perhaps cuttlefish ink may not entice your gastronomical side but maybe it might interest the health nut in you. Not only is the cephalopod ink a great way to add color to dishes but it has been known to carry a number of potential health benefits. One health benefit that is being researched and studied currently is that the ink can help with cancer.  Studies surrounding the ink have shown that the cuttlefish’s defense mechanisms also serve as a defense mechanism against chemotherapies and radiation lessening their ill effects. The studies have also shown that the cuttlefish ink can curb tumor growth in mice.  The ink is also very rich in iron. Iron is what the body uses to carry oxygen to all the vital organs through the bloodstream. If that hasn’t already convinced you that you should try this dark concoction, the ink happens to be a homeopathic remedy as well. It is used to treat symptoms of menstruation and menopause making this a must try for all of our female shoppers at Melissa Guerra.


By Jaquelin Alvarez

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    Melissa Guerra

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