• Traditional Cinco de Mayo Recipes
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Traditional Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Traditional Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Traditional Cinco de Mayo Food, Drinks, and Sweets

There are many options when it comes to food recipes for Cinco de Mayo. Some more common Mexican dishes served, such as menudo and guacamole, provide a spicy factor, while others, such as horchata and rice pudding, provide for a sweet treat. All four recipes listed below are authentic Mexican dishes and make celebrating Cinco de Mayo all the more delicious.


A hearty bowl of menudo is a perfect dish for celebrating Cinco de Mayo, as it’s a traditional authentic Mexican meal. This comfort food is a delicious blend of meat, spices, and hominy that resembles pozole, yet relies on pork for its main ingredient, while pozole mainly consists of white corn. The main ingredients include: tripe (pork), red chile sauce, and white corn/hominy. A specialty among residents of Northern Mexico, this dish serves many and is very inexpensive to make. It’s also a great cure for hangovers, which comes in handy when celebrating Cinco de Mayo. 


Guacamole is a common appetizer served during Cinco de Mayo and also one of the most delicious. It is also very easy to prepare, as you only need avocadoes, onions, tomatoes, and lemon juice as the main ingredients, and perhaps cilantro or Serrano chili peppers for additional flavor. 


Amidst the alcohol and soft drinks served during the celebration, a nice glass of horchata, is definitely a refreshing change and is also very tasty. Consisting of primarily boiled rice, horchata is an authentic Mexican beverage that is great for family-oriented get-togethers. Add in some cinnamon for flavor and you have yourself a delicious-tasting drink for non-alcoholics and/or those that simply want to enjoy a glass of milk with a Mexican twist.

Rice Pudding

Rice is a traditionally used Mexican ingredient and not only provides for a nice glass of horchata, but also is used to make rice pudding (or arroz con leche). It is a warm bowl of comfort food and is for all ages to enjoy. All you need is uncooked rice, whole milk, cinnamon, and sugar to create this delicious Mexican treat. Add in vanilla bean for extra flavor and enjoy this dish with family anytime, especially during Cinco de Mayo.


By Samantha Salazar | Photo Credit: Melissa Guerra


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    Melissa Guerra

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