• What is a Tagine?
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What is a Tagine?

What is a Tagine?

Traditional tagines are ideal for preparing a variety of savory meals and are carefully handcrafted to give off a stylish appearance while also providing for a better cooking experience.


History of the Tagine

The first traditional tagine (tajine) originated in Northern Africa and was used when making stews or cooking meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits over an open fire. Its shape was designed to accommodate a slow and even cooking for a rich and natural flavor. A fun fact is that the foods cooked inside a tagine also take the name of the pot itself, such as a vegetable tagine or fruit tagine, to name a few.


Tagine Meal Ideas

Because of the slower cooking method associated with a tagine, the best foods to accommodate this item are meats (including poultry), fish, vegetarian and fruit dishes. You can add in all of these ingredients for a nice stew or perhaps enjoy a delicious chicken or fish tagine slowly cooked to perfection. If you’re looking to cook up a slightly healthier meal, then a nice variety of fruits and vegetables can make for a savory tagine dish, as well.


The Benefits

There are many advantages found in using a tagine to cook and prepare meals in. Not only is a tagine a must-have for the kitchen for cooking up a variety of meats, fish, fruits, and veggies, but it also makes for a beautiful serving dish, as well. This helps keep your meals warm and moist for a better tasting experience. Another benefit is that a tagine reduces the need for adding extra fats and oils to a dish because it already retains the rich flavor of previously added herbs and spices.


Shop With Us

Our Hand Painted Spanish Tagines are handcrafted in Southern Spain and are an excellent cooking accessory to use when preparing a variety of meals. They include a lovely design painted that pairs great with the orange-colored base. They are available for purchase in both 20cm and 27cm so you can prepare a meal in a tagine that is best suited for you. Be sure to check out these beautiful, hand painted Spanish tagines at Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen Market located at the Pearl Brewery or shop online at


By Samantha Salazar


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    Melissa Guerra

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