Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen Market

Rose Ann Hall Etched Mexican Glassware - Pilsner


Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen Market

Rose Ann Hall Etched Mexican Glassware - Pilsner


Clearly artistic, vibrant, romantic and fun, what’s not to love about our Rose Ann Hall Engraved Glassware? Handmade and hand engraved in the small Mexican colonial village of San Miguel de Allende, these handblown pitchers are perfect for a late afternoon fiesta, or a bright morning merienda. Hand blown with recycled glass, they are sturdy enough for daily use.

More than anything, we admire the spirit and passion of Charlie Hall, Rose Ann Hall Designs factory owner, who seeks out artisans with physical challenges to include in his work force.

Care & Cleaning: Dishwasher safe. Not for microwave use. Not intended for hot liquids.

Size: 9” tall;  Approximately 16 oz capacity; since they are handmade, the exact dimensions and capacity may vary.

Please note: Since these items are handmade and quickly run out of stock, shipping times may be longer than the usually 5-7 day window. If you need these items by a certain date, please contact us at to confirm that we will be able to complete your order in your requested time frame. Thank you for your business!

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